The tick and relapsing fever

In addition to known Borrelia pathogens causing Lyme disease, the tick Ixodes ricinus also transmits Borrelia miyamotoi, which causes a relapsing fever-like disease. This disease is not detected by blood testing for Lyme disease. We now offer... Více >

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Tick infectivity testing for people with impaired immunity

We have prepared an analysis package for people with impaired immunity - patients with various degrees of immunological deficiency, autoimmune diseases, hematopoietic disorders, oncological patients, patients without the spleen or during transplantation... Více >

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Alarming news about babesiosis

New findings on babesiosis show, that nowadays this disease is overlooked and its incidence and severity are higher than formerly believed. Více >

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Prevalence of pathogens in ticks

The following chart depicts the percentage of ticks carrying pathogens that cause infectious diseases in humans. Více >

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A tick may be a carrier of more than one serious disease.

Treatment of borreliosis is often complicated by a concurrent infection caused by the presence of a further pathogen. Více >

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Tick infectivity testing - collecting site in Prague!

Ticks for analysis can now be handed to us at a collection site in Prague. Více >

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