The tick and relapsing fever

In addition to known Borrelia pathogens causing Lyme disease, the tick Ixodes ricinus also transmits Borrelia miyamotoi, which causes a relapsing fever-like disease. This disease is not detected by blood testing for Lyme disease. We now offer... Více >

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How do ticks suck blood?

The tick does not attach to its host straight away after getting on the body, but usually wanders and searches for a convenient location like soft and damp skin. Such places can be the armpits, groins, the back of knees, behind ears or the belly.... Více >

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What are the natural enemies of ticks?

Ticks are a natural part of the ecosystem they live in. They are firmly integrated into this system and have important ecological roles. Their parasitic way of life does not protect them from their natural enemies. Many species feed on ticks. Více >

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How does the tick search for host?

Stories about ticks leaping on their victims from trees are absolutely misleading. In fact it is very opposite. Ticks are very patient and wait for their host lying in grass. For search, they use higly sensitive senses. Více >

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Tick species

Ticks are parasitic arthropods and are common carriers of animal and human disease. Ticks together with mites belong to the taxon Acari, and are closely related to spiders. In adulthood they have four pairs of legs, just like spiders do. Více >

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Life cycle of ticks

Reproductive ability of ticks is enormous, female can produce 2500 to 4000 eggs. Each developmental stage can have resting stage about 6 months to 1 year before sucking. This parasites are able to survive cold as well as dry year seasons. They... Více >

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