Alarming news about babesiosis

New findings on babesiosis show, that nowadays this disease is overlooked and its incidence and severity are higher than formerly believed. Více >

18.4.2019, 0 komentářs Lyme disease Babesiosis News

Babesiosis is transmitted by ticks. The disease causative agent is a protozoan from the genus Babesia, usually Babesia divergens or Babesia microti. The protozoans infect red blood cells, and feed and procreate inside them. Babesiosis frequently... Více >

18.4.2019, 15 komentářs Disease Babesiosis
Danger of babesiosis in dogs

Babesiosis is a serious disease of humans and dogs caused by protozoa. The species causing the disease in dogs are Babesia canis and Babesia gibsoni. These protozoans attack red blood cells, in which they multiply and cause an infection that... Více >

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