Tick infectivity testing - collecting site in Prague!

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Ticks for analysis can now be handed to us at a collection site in Prague.

If for any reason you do not want to send a tick for testing to our laboratory by post, you may bring the tick to our collection site in Prague.

Adress:               NATURE VITALITY, Dejvická 555/36, Praha 6 - Dejvice

Opening hours:   Mon-Fri   10-18h

How to proceed?

1. Fill in our online tick infectivity testing order.

2. Insert the tick in a small plastic bag and seal the container tightly. Put the plastic bag or another container (test-tube) in an envelope (foam envelope if using a fragile container, e.g. a test-tube, to prevent damage of the container and loss of the tick).

3. Your analysis number, that you have obtained after filling out the online order, can be either writtien directly on the envelope or on a piece of paper inserted inside of the mail. You can also write it on the container with the tick.

4. The envelope can be then handed in at the collection site in Prague. You CAN NOT PAY the analysis at the collection site BY CASH, but we reccomend online payment when filling in the order, or by bank transfer.


 Sb?rné místo v Praze

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