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Choose from discounted packages

You save
490 Kč


tick encephalitis, lyme disease, ehrlichiosis

2660 Kč
You save
600 Kč


tick encephalitis, lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, neoehrlichiosis

4510 Kč
You save
650 Kč

Complete analysis

tick encephalitis, lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, neoehrlichiosis, bartonelosis, tularemie

6420 Kč

Complementary test

Borrelia miyamotoi (500 Kč)
500 Kč

Borrelia strain, causing a relapsing fever-like disease. Symptoms are different from Lyme disease. More >

Or choose single tests

Tick encephalitis (1190 Kč)
1190 Kč

Most severe disease attacking brain and nervous system. More >

Lyme disease (980 Kč)
980 Kč

Serious infectious disease. It could be fatal if not treated. More >

Ehrlichiosis (980 Kč)
980 Kč

Infectious disease attacking white blood cells leading to immunodeficiency. More >

Babesiosis (980 Kč)
980 Kč

Disease caused by parasites attacking red-blood cells. More >

Neoehrlichiosis (980 Kč)
980 Kč

Infectious disease dangerous for patients with impaired immunity. More >

Bartonelosis (980 Kč)
980 Kč

Bacterial disease attacking skin and internal organs. More >

Tularemie (980 Kč)
980 Kč

Severe fever disease appearing in various forms and severities. More >

Express analysis (2500 Kč)
2500 Kč

In urgent cases we recommend the express analysis, results will be available within 1 working day from the tick delivery.

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