The tick and relapsing fever

In addition to known Borrelia pathogens causing Lyme disease, the tick Ixodes ricinus also transmits Borrelia miyamotoi, which causes a relapsing fever-like disease. This disease is not detected by blood testing for Lyme disease. We now offer... Více >

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Neoehrlichiosis is a newly discovered infectious disease transmitted by ticks, which can be particularly dangerous for people with impaired immunity. If neoehrlichiosis is misdiagnosed or not diagnosed in time, the absence or inadequacy of treatment... Více >

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Tick infectivity testing for people with impaired immunity

We have prepared an analysis package for people with impaired immunity - patients with various degrees of immunological deficiency, autoimmune diseases, hematopoietic disorders, oncological patients, patients without the spleen or during transplantation... Více >

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Alarming news about babesiosis

New findings on babesiosis show, that nowadays this disease is overlooked and its incidence and severity are higher than formerly believed. Více >

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Prevalence of pathogens in ticks

The following chart depicts the percentage of ticks carrying pathogens that cause infectious diseases in humans. Více >

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A tick may be a carrier of more than one serious disease.

Treatment of borreliosis is often complicated by a concurrent infection caused by the presence of a further pathogen. Více >

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