Vaccination against Tick encephalitis

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Vaccination against Tick encephalitis represents the most reliable way to prevent this infection and protect your health against this dangerous disease. Currently there are three vaccines available: Encepur, Encepur K, or FSME-Immun. Those are based on administration of dead inactivated virus of encephalitis.


Vaccine is administrated within three doses.


1. The fist dose is ideal to administrate in winter, until ticks are active.

2. The second dose is administrated after 1-3 months following the first one. The third dose can be administrated after 9 months to one 1 year following the second dose. In case, that vaccination is not administrated sufficiently in advance in winter, it is possible to use alternative method of vaccination, in which the second dose is administrated after 2 weeks following the first dose. These two doses provides short -term protection against Tick encephalitis, which lasts about 6-12 months.

3. The third dose serves as source of long-term protection and can be administrated after 9-12 month. The shortest way is application of the second dose after 7 days following the first dose and application of the third dose after 2 weeks following the second dose. Complete re-vaccination is recommended after 3-5 years from the first complete vaccination.

Vaccination in details and on-line vaccination order at AVENIER.


Lyme disease

Vaccine against Lyme disease does not exist. Development of efficient vaccine is complicated by huge number of different bacterial strains causing Lyme disease. For each of them, special vaccine should be prepared. However, there are several pharmaceutical companies intensively working on development of such vaccines. The most advanced progress in this field was done by Czech company Bioveta a. s. Tests performed on animals were successful, and currently vaccine is tested on volunteers. This vaccine should be available in several years.

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