Methods of reducing tick occurrence in the garden

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Ticks thrive in humid environments. Moisture is created by vegetation and plant residues.This leads to establishment of a microclimate suitable for the survival of ticks. The strategic use of paving, wood chips, stones and gravel around the house can reduce humidity and help keep ticks away from residential and recreational objects.

Creating a barrier zone on your gardenmapazahrady upravena

1- tree or bush line 2- flower garden- with plants that do not attract high game (see below) 3- branches stored for burning and bird feeders located out of the barrier zone 4- boundary of the barrier zone – paving, wood chips, sand, stones and gravel should be at least 70 cm wide and 10 cm deep 5- the playground should have a base of wood chips or sand 6- unpaved walkways around the house should be covered with stones, gravel or wood chips


Keep the grass short around walkways. Cut bushes and shrubs to reduce overhanging vegetation. Ticks use overhanging branches and grass when searching for a host.


Keep the lawn short. Residues of grass and leaves should be removed and composted. Create a barrier of wood chips or stones between the lawn and bushes.

Recreational areas

Place seating and play areas further away from the fence, trees and bird feeders.

Hrací plochy


Cobbled, gravel and stone surfaces around the entrance doors will help prevent the ticks from entering the garden and the house.


Put a fence around the property to prevent game from entering. Ferns and other ground-based plants growing in from adjacent grounds need to be removed.

Defense against the entry of game into properties without a fence

High game is a favorite host for completion of the reproductive cycle of ticks. Areas in which they stay are infested with tick females that will dispose of thousands of eggs from which larvae will hatch and search for foodHigh game often returns to favorite food sources and it is therefore useful to plant certain plant species that can discourage game from visiting the property. Examples of such plants are catnip, chives, garlic, lavender, marigold, marjoram, oregano, thyme, onion. But game is unpredictable, and these plants alone may not discourage it. However, the repellent effect of sheep's hair (unwashed) is guaranteed. A tree whose trunk is wrapped with it will fend off the game. Human hair has the same effect. Fallen fruits should be removed since these are a welcome treat for the game.

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