Incidence of infected ticks in individual regions

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The graph depicts results from over ten thousand analyzed ticks acquired by the Protean s.r.o. laboratory. The graph represents the proportion of tick infected by borreliosis, tick-borne encephalitis (TBEV), ehrlichiosis and babesiosis in individual regions.

incidence of infected ticks in individual regions

incidence of infected ticks in individual regions



The highest prevalence of ticks carrying Borrelia was in Olomoucký and Jihomoravský region (>12 %). The lowest prevalence of infected ticks was recorded in Pardubický, Ústecký and Moravskoslezský region and Vyso?ina (< 9 %). The mean value of Borrelia carrying tick incidence was 10 %.

The prevalence of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) in analyzed ticks did not exceed 2 %. A higher incidence of TBEV tick carriers was recorded in Jihomoravský region. The lowest number of ticks carrying TBEV were found in Zlínský region.

The nationwide average of ehrlichia infected tick incidence was 2 %. A higher rate was recorded in Olomoucký region, and the lowest in Královéhradecký region.

The relatively high incidence (mean value 6 %) of ticks infected by the protozoan Babesia was a surprising finding. The highest rates were recorded in Moravskoslezský and Jihomoravský region, and the lowest in Královéhradecký region.

Ticks analysed for Bartonella infection were found to be positive in the regions: Stredoceský, Jihoceský, Olomoucký, Moravskoslezský, Vysocina and in Prague.

Ticks transmitting Tularemia were only recorded in Jihoceský, Liberecký, Stredoceský region and Prague so far.

Ticks transmitting newly discovered  pathogenic microorganism Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis were recorded in regions Stredoceský, Plzenský, Moravskoslezský and Prag.

The data represent an overview of parasite analyses. The parasites (ticks) were analyzed after removal form human skin and originate from all over the Czech Republic. The geographical distribution of samples is thus very random and the results cannot be directly compared to results published in peer-reviewed literature, which analyze samples from specific locations. The results also cannot be compared to data describing the occurence of reported diseases where the number of people is influenced by the location popularity - for example touristic spots around rivers and water reservoirs.

Due to low amounts of samples from certain locations, the data are not a statistical analysis. The absence of positive samples from a location does not indicate the absence of the parasite in that location.


An overview of infected tick incidence in individual districts is shown in maps.

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